Lumigrey® screen: the right enviroment inside the greenhouses

The Lumigrey reflective screen is proving effective to maintain shading and temeperation conditions ideal for growing horticultural crops. Below is the link to the Freshplaza article which talks about the advantages that the product has given in applications in the Ragusa area   Articolo Freshplaza

Anti-hail nets: Iridium® reaches 10 mln square meters

Big goal for Iridium® anti hail and Agrintech Grande traguardo per le Reti Antigrandine Iridium®. 1,000 hectars covered in less than 10 years. The quality of the product is now very appreciate by the customer.

AgriKiwi Expo 2017

Agrintech didn’t loose the occasion to partecipate as sponsor at Agrikiwi Expo 2017. The antihail photoselective yellow nets Iridium represents the best way to cover kiwi (expecially actnidia yellow) with advantages like increase of colour, dry substance and brix degree. Following the picture of the meeting with Freshplaza staff

Dorì Day- Iridium® yellow & kiwi yellow: The binomial seems to be winning

Agrintech srl was at the Dory Day in Campoverde di Aprilia (LT) on Semptember 13th 2017. A lot of interest aroused by the yellow antihail photeselective nets, especially concerning their effects on the cultivation. Researches carried on by universities and technical center, woked up that the technical features of Iridium, with the particular yellow pigmentation…