In the tomatoes market, the large-scale retail channel forces the farmer to deliver perfect product on consumers table.

On the other hand the market is always more competive and the price level is very low.

Tomatoes production is widely cultivated under greenhouses, with lot of advantages in terms of production but with at the same time several problem that can affect the output.







Therefore the only way to compete is to standardize the final product at a very high level of performance. For this scope the process should start from the protection of the production.

An high level of performance output needs at the same time an high level of all the input of the system.

Most importantly is to give a not stressfull enviroment to the cultivation, with homogeneus diffusion of the ligth and good control of the temperature under the greenhouses.

The new generation of shading and reflective screens Lumigrey ( Click here to check all the aspect of the screens) has achivied the best results in this field compared with the traditional soil-based covered system and with the other shading solution in black or white colour.


To protect against aphid is avalable the anti-insect net 50 mesh (click here to check all the technical characteristics).

Realized in UV stabylizated monofilament, this net gives at the same time protection of the crops and less use of pesticides.


To protect against “Tuta Absoluta” with a mesh around 1 mm^2, Monotex 50 (click here for more information) is the most adapted to guarantee air passage and ventilation inside the greenhouse (at the same time).







To control the work of bees and bumbleebees  the rascel net Impollinet (check here) is the most common solution.






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