PROTECTION and DEFENSE of crops in agriculture have always been our objectives. AGRINTECH nets are the result of research, expertise and experience in the sector.



In AGRINTECH we use the best raw materials to build our nets. In particular, we use virgin HDPE (high-density polyethilene) monofilament, which allows the production of high-strength nets and we use the best chemical additives (Hals 119) that give the product a long life.









In AGRINTECH we use next-gen looms from ITEMA Spa, an Italian company that is a world leader in the production of textile machines. All production machines are equipped with the most advanced technologies that allow to obtain a product of absolute quality.








The bespoke fabric processing department has always been the company’s core business. We use machines for sewing, stripping, folding, measuring and hot cutting to meet the various needs of customers.









The wide range of goods available in stock allows AGRINTECH to be ready to receive requests even if they arrive at the last minute for prompt delivery. Moreover the logistics network allows to reach all theb target markets.