Bet on the nets to protect against insect, hail, rain and to improve the quality

During the meeting held in “Verona Mercato” on 2017 jan 26 it is discussed about the positive effects of the application of the anti hail nets in the fruitcolture field. Especially it is highlined the better results of the Iridium nets than the tradional nets. Following the news published on FreshPlaza.,-hail-and-rain-improve-quality

Presentation of photo-selective anti-hail nets Iridium at Dorì Day

The Consortium Dori Europe has organized on September 21 in Cisterna di Latina a layman’s day, and technique for the presentation of the variety of kiwi AC1536, commercially named Dori. Agrintech has actively participated in the initiative through  Dr. agronomist Michele Bravetti who presented our photo-selective anti-hail nets Iridium.   The first Dorì International Day