Technology at the service of agriculture

                    √  Innovation and development are our key words. That’s why we are excited to welcome challenges that modern agriculture poses to insiders every day. We do it aware of the social and economic impact of Covid-19 that forces us to focus every target, rationalize sources…

Tomatoes crop protection: innovative solution for Agricolture 4.0

In the tomatoes market, the large-scale retail channel forces the farmer to deliver perfect product on consumers table. On the other hand the market is always more competive and the price level is very low. Tomatoes production is widely cultivated under greenhouses, with lot of advantages in terms of production but with at the same…

There can not be quality fruit growing without the control of all the variables, starting with the light

Boom of attendance, even abroad, yesterday at the conference “Iridium® 10 years: Technical solutions oriented to precision fruit growing”. The technical meeting, with participants far superior to the collected registrations, demonstrates how lively our sector’s interest is in the increasingly innovative quality of fruit growing. With authoritative presences such as prof. Blacks from the Department…

Precision fruit-growing: what technical solutions?

On the occasion of the 10 years of application of the Iridium® selective anti-hail nets, the meeting on “Technical solutions oriented to precision fruit farming” will take place on 23 January 2019 in Faenza. Here is the article published on Freshplaza For more information contact us

Lumigrey® screen: the right enviroment inside the greenhouses

The Lumigrey reflective screen is proving effective to maintain shading and temeperation conditions ideal for growing horticultural crops. Below is the link to the Freshplaza article which talks about the advantages that the product has given in applications in the Ragusa area   Articolo Freshplaza

Anti-hail nets: Iridium® reaches 10 mln square meters

Big goal for Iridium® anti hail and Agrintech Grande traguardo per le Reti Antigrandine Iridium®. 1,000 hectars covered in less than 10 years. The quality of the product is now very appreciate by the customer.