Further SEO Smart links allows you to set up your own keywords and set wordpress optimization (en.papawp.org) of matching URLs. You can upload your own logo and set the logo size and padding. We particularly like the social sharing bar that means your visitors can easily share your content. Several shortcodes are included with the theme, making it easier to add items like columns and buttons. Several shortcodes are also available to add elements like buttons, lists, toggles, and more.

  • Page size
  • Downloaded the .zip file of the plugin from JoomUnited’s website
  • Go back to the login screen
  • Integrated full-screen slider

OceanWP ships with free companion plugins and recommendations to add more premium-like features on your blog. It has lots of features that would make any site or blog shine. As you work on the changes for this tutorial it would be useful to be able to make changes your theme without showing them on your live site.

The dynamic content loader is a bonus, and you get a Google Maps shortcode for showing people where your brick-and-mortar location is. Clicking it again makes it slide back out of the way, giving you more space on the screen for your content. While by default it only performs a few tasks related to your site’s permalinks, it can be added to and customized to carry out all sorts of useful functions like redirecting visitors to your site or beefing up your site’s security. This plugin allow you to sell and manage all types of goods whether it is digital goods like mobile, software, etc. or physical goods like apparel, groceries, etc. This plugin also embrace the marketing of affiliate goods via online stores.

How can I update a theme like that? A social share bar is also included so your readers can share your content on various social media networks. This shows your readers that you are willing to share valuable insight with them and it boosts your search engine rankings as well.

The theme is built on top of the SMT Framework, which allows you to customize every aspect of the theme, and you can translate your website easily to connect with readers who speak a different language. Overall, it’s a beautiful theme, and you can’t go wrong with the free price tag. The “Basic” package of $3.95/month (via my exclusive link) is really all you’ll need now when you sign up up-front in full for a 36-month plan and in my opinion, is a great price package. The theme starts off with the ability to show your contact information right at the top, followed by a full screen slider which is a perfect place to promote your services, products or other important pages on your website, along with a text overlay and a call-to-action button.